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Nasch Joestar by ValkyrieIzaak
Nasch Joestar
The long lost relative of Joestar family, separated by a thousand years yet still retains his family's distinctive style!

Seriously though, Zexal was known for its derpy art most of the time, but for plot-important episodes they usually straiten themselves out, and sometimes try an entirely different style. This was one of those times.

I know there were problems with the series, but I still willingly watched it for more than 3 years. At least it never had a Crashtown equivalent.

This took way longer than it should. I also had problems with Illustrator CS5 exporting it, as the anti-aliasing doesn't seem to work as expected, prompting me to save it at the default resolution.
  • Mood: Pity
  • Listening to: Symphogear
  • Watching: BFP - Dark Souls 2 #50 [NOPE]
Whelp, Woolie just released Navlaan. There goes all my desire to watch that video.
  • Mood: Nervous
What happens when a perfectionist who's obviously average at drawing tries to make a comic?

Lots of wasted paper.

Been redrawing these 2 frames over an over. Guess I need a break.    
  • Mood: Nervous
How do I feel that the most favored entry I have is also one of my oldest?

Eh....conflicted? On one hand, I'm happy; on the other hand, its the only one that's popular; and on the third hand, I just "traced" it and the really talent is the artist, Sato Kenetsu.
  • Mood: Optimism
Y'know, this was going to start out as how I'm planning on drawing a comic, and how I was going to ask for everyone's experiences for drawing comics, if they had any.

But then I decided to do some research first. I was never one to ask for help; I always kept quiet and listened, reasoning that somebody would ask my question for me, and that there would be someone to answer. And sure enough, there were several dozen comic tutorials availabel on this very site (hence why the new things on my favourites are all comic tutorials).

But, somewhere along the way I seemingly lost the reason I started drawing comics in the first place. It was to test myself; I wanted to see how far I could go with my current level, and what I can do to improve. When I first started planning I did it storyboard format, and basically drew 3 key scenes a page, with dialogue to the side. After a while I started becoming restless at my pace (boy did I get impatient) and just drew the comics quickly. And boy was it exhilarating to see my ideas materialize into reality. I really should get back to just drawing, and worry if they're any good later. They're just the first draft after all.

So yeah. Sorry for this pointless post. Just had to get it off my chest.


  • Mood: Pity
  • Listening to: Symphogear
  • Watching: BFP - Dark Souls 2 #50 [NOPE]
Whelp, Woolie just released Navlaan. There goes all my desire to watch that video.

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