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1 Hour Doodles 4 by ValkyrieIzaak
1 Hour Doodles 4
Concept: double amnesiac hero

A hero of a demonic tribe, leading them against the humans. Then one day he loses his memory. When he regains his memory he's on the middle of a battlefield, in a war against the former demons he led. What caused him to switch sides? Who are these humans who are fighting with him, acting as though they knew him for years. Can they be trusted? Or should he continue acting as though he was just a mindless amnesiac?

Inspired by Nine Princes in Amber (or what little I read).
1 Hour Doodles 3 by ValkyrieIzaak
1 Hour Doodles 3
Currently the only one of my "1 Hour Doodles" worth uploading.
July - Sketching 1 by ValkyrieIzaak
July - Sketching 1
Hey, have I told anyone that I just bought a new wacom? Because I have!
Patrick the Great by ValkyrieIzaak
Patrick the Great
Raging gattai.....Patrick the GREEEEEEEEEAAAATOOOOO!!!"

Size: 45 meters
Attacks: Patrick Punch (The five pilots scream obscenities and makes it look like something special, but really its just a generic punch.)
Full Salvo (Patrick the Great poses with its arms outstretched and its feet apart. Its hands retract and are replaced by cannons, 52 tube missile launchers unfold from the side of its boots, and the rear cannons of the flight unit move up and over its shoulders. After a 10-second dramatic charge effect it fires all weapons, decimating the area in front of it.)
Patrick Sword (Patrick the Great charges and fires its chest beam, which cracks the earth and splits the sky. This is not an attack though, and is instead a summoning sequence, and his sword rises up from the magma, hanging magically in midair. Patrick the Great flies forward and grabs it, and flies straight towards its enemy who is slashed three times, in the shape of a "P". )
Great Nova (Patrick the Great charges energy until its entire body is covered with swirling plasma like the sun. It accelerates to mach 3 and flies into its target, dragging it into the stratosphere. It then throws it away and (after a second) releases its energy, causing a nuclear explosion.)
Maximum Flight Speed: Mach 3
Special Features: Flaming hair fueled by pure rage

Inspired by Mechaweek.
While I was watching Mechaweek 2, I was struck with a sudden thought: I could draw better than that. I can draw better designs than that.

I mean, if you're going to draw a Super Robot, then why make something crappy like baby's first mecha (aka Gurren Lagann). If you're going to make a super robot then you should go all the way and make a fucking god mech! In this case, I was going to make a classic 5-unit combiner like the greats (Voltes V, Combattler V, Dancouga, Eldoran, Yuusha, etc...)

But while I was drawing however, I came to realize something. While it was relatively simple to replicate something simple like Gurren Lagann, it required actual skill to draw like Obari. So, here it is. This is the best I could do. Still more imaginative than those things. I'll be uploading Liam' and Matt's mechs later. Liam's god mech is actually harder than I thought, while Matt's god mech needs more skulls.

Fun Fact: This was originally supposed to be Woolie's mech, in an attempt to make him more interested in other super robots, while Pat was going to be a Kamen Rider (to fit with his small and tiny image). That was until Woolie just kept insulting Code Geass over and over again, at which case I said "Screw it!" and made him into a Masked Pervert.


  • Watching: Fafner: Exodus, Build Fighters Try, Horizon S2
Time to show my progress and keep some updates. No more reasons not to draw.

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